The 750ml Hario Cold Brew Filter-In Bottle has a durable and timeless design and comes with two borosilicate Yunomi cups that can hold up to 130ml each - they’re also shaped to accentuate sweetness and florality in your tea. The clever filter and lid, which allow you to pour unfiltered tea directly from the bottle, are made from BPA-Free plastic; all other components are made with premium Hario glass, ergonomically designed to make brewing and drinking your cold brew tea as effortless as possible. The bottle is available in 2 colours (grey, black). The bottle lid is silicone, while the filter is made from food-safe polypropene; all components of the set are dishwasher safe. 



·1x 750ml Filter in Bottle

·2x Yunomi Heatproof Glasses


Bottle Dimensions:



Additional Info:

·Dishwasher Safe

Hario Cold Brew Tea Filter in Bottle Set

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Colour: Dark Grey