The third in our series of seasonal small batche specials, this honey processed Costa Rica Hermosa is certainly that- special. Expertly hand picked, the coffee cherries are kept exceptionally clean and meticulously processed and dried to ensure the highest possible quality and consistency across the crop. 


Tasting Notes: Black Tea, Candyfloss, Caramel, Peach


They are grown in an area known as Tarrazu is divided in to three parts – Dota, Tarrazzu, and Leon Cortes. It is also often known as Los Santos as the three main towns are San Pablo, San Marcos, and Santa Maria de Dota. 

The varietals grown are mainly Caturra and Catuai, but some farmers are experimenting with Obata, the cross between Timor Hybrid and Villa Sarchi brought to Costa Rica from Brazil by ICAFE in 2014. This is not yet in the fi nal crop but will likely be part of the mix from 2019. Coffee from here is picked by hand and pulped mechanically, leaving it super clean ready for the fermentation stage and drying on patios. For the honey process, 70% of the mucilage is left on the bean before following a similar path – the cherry being agitated just enough to ensure even drying without any over fermentation.


Limited stock only.

Seasonal Small Batch Special: Costa Rica Hermosa Honey